HoQ TDM.........: TBP VS b52
HoQ TDM.........: 2-0 VS lp.
HoQ TDM.........: 2-0 VS Q?
HoQ TDM.........: 2-0 VS FK
From its humble beginnings in QL's iCTF to becoming a TDM powerhouse we've always managed to give y'all a reason to stay salty.

Up until recently our motto has been to start the season on a high and steamroll towards a disappointing finish due to lars not showing up for the deciding games. The moment DIV1 competitions got sponsored by Disney, we've become the undisputed kings of Mickey Mouse leagues.

Here's to many more seasons of demonic skill, impossible rails and "these fucking campers", may it be in QL, QC or Diabetical.
the boys
The list of #rekt greats, in no particular order:

  1. ash (#vacation)
  2. xron
  3. gienon
  4. rehepapp
  5. lars
  6. spawnz
  7. vidje
  1. khan
  2. JBLZR
  3. h8m3
  4. kodisha
  5. luke_ie
  6. batu
  7. oldsplatterhand
We've got a YouTube channel! Why? Well, it's easier to watch demos via YT than with QL client. Make sure you subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with everyone who we've rekt so far.

In addition to 1080p60 renders of pure steamrolling, we're also providing you with our configs and some #rekt emojis you can use with your discord/twitch/whatever.
(c) rekt 2017
PS! Why are we so cocky? So failure stings more.